Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I finally got hooked up with a summer job. I'm working for the same company that I have worked for during most of my summers, starting when I was in college back in '99. We do epoxy flooring - high test and decorative floors used mostly for industrial floors or in other businesses. Right now we're working on a warehouse in Portland, Ore. My boss is a good guy and a strong Christian who goes to a local Evangelical Free church. I've come to realize that I really enjoy doing construction - something about working with your hands and being able to see what you've built. I know that a floor may not sound all that involved, but trust me - a lot of work goes into making one of our floors. Another thing I like about doing construction are long periods of time just to think while I'm doing some manual task. I think I could be pretty happy just doing construction my whole life. That's probably not what I'll do but I think I would like it. I'm thankful that God has provided once again with a good job to get me through the summer.

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