Thursday, June 14, 2007

Churches I'll Check-out in Cali

I'm moving to Loma Linda, California at the end of July to go to medical school there. I've surfed the internet to find some churches in the area that I'll check out. Here's what I've found. . .

Christ's Chapel Reformed Episcopal Church in Riverside

This church has a cool website. They might be a bit too reformed for my Arminian Anglo-Catholic sensibilities. I will definitly check them out though.

Inland Empire Orthodox Anglican Fellowship in Riverside

This is a church-plant of St. James Anglican in Newport Beach. According to St. James' website, they have "Charismatic roots" which I would certainly appreciate. St. James Church is part of the Anglican Province of Uganda so if I end up going to this church I will have ended up moving from Rwanda to Uganda. I like the idea of staying in an African church.

Brookside Free Methodist Church in Redlands

When I was at Loma Linda for my interview someone recommended this church to me. Even with my antipathy for certain regions of the United Methodist Church, I am somewhat of a Methodist at heart and would probably agree with the teachings I would find in a Free Methodist Church. Their website is currently down but I checked it out a few months ago and it looked like it would be a good place to meet other Christian 20-somethings. Even if I don't end up regularly attending worship here, I think they might have some ministries I'll check out.

Some Foursquare Church in the area

While I'm home in Battle Ground, I go to Wellspring Foursquare Church. I have had a great experience with this denomination. I love their commitment to living by the word of God and their openness to the activity of the Holy Spirit. Even if I don't end up at a Foursquare church, I'll probably have to go somewhere to get my necessary dose of Pentecostalism.

P.S. - Big announcement this Sunday at around 7 or 8 Pacific Standard Time - I promise!


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

(1) I'm too lazy to register over at T19. Pretty lame excuse. So I lurk over at T19 and SFIF. FWIW, SFIF is my favorite Anglican blog. Most theological meat and best comment threads by far.

(2) Suggestion: Check out the Harvest Christian Fellowship Church in Riverside when you move to Loma Linda. Tell me what you think of Pastor Greg Laurie.

Here's the website:

My email address is

Best of luck on your move and blessings in medical school!

Pax in Christ alone,

Your Partner for His Truth and Love

Matthew J. Perkins said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I've heard of that church before and I think Greg Laurie has written a number of books. I will have to check it out.

Kyle said...

God bless Arminian Anglo-Catholic sensibilities...