Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Orombi: Faith of our fathers

A man whom I respect greatly, the Anglican archbishop of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi recently gave a message in Geneva, Switzerland. When I was confirmed as an Anglican I was confirmed by a pastor in the Church of Uganda serving under Archbishop Orombi so in some way he is a spiritual father to me. Here are some excerpts from his message:

Part of the difficulty we have today is that the word of God is not preached with the faithfulness of John Calvin, with the faithfulness of Martin Luther, with the passion that they had, with the desire that they had. They believed the word of God. And today the church of Christ does not believe with that passion that this is the transforming word of God...

... I speak to you because you brought us the gospel. I speak to you still because at the time you brought the gospel Africa was called the dark continent. Not because the sun does not shine in Africa. The sun shines 365 days a year but we were in perpetual spiritual darkness. Your ancestors brought the gospel to us. I'm eternally grateful. But where is that passion today? Where is that faith today? Where is that love of the word of God today? Where is that spiritual inquisitive desire that your ancestors had today? I believe with all my heart that something must be recaptured, that the whole world is waiting for the global West to rise up again and follow the footsteps of their ancestors.

-Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi

I love that line "rise up again and follow the footsteps of their ancestors," especially after talking of the faithfulness of men like Calvin and Luther. While so many in the western church strive for a man-centered "relevance" which is always seeking the newest gimmick or watered-down false gospel, Archbishop Orombi calls us back to the faith of our faithful fathers. Listen to the full message here.


Reformation said...

Outstanding. Many thanks. God bless this man.

Jane said...

"Part of the difficulty..." Good discernment to know we have a problem.

"The word of God not preached with faithfulness, passion and desire..."

"The church of Christ does not believe with passion..."

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen. Pray for humble hearts to revive us through the power of the Holy Spirit.