Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Today my church, St. Patrick's Anglican, took part in Lexington Kentucky's St. Patrick's Day Parade. Our entry was a "precision acolyte drill-team" who had choreographed dance moves which went along with some U2 songs and some Celtic music. I helped to hand out candy to some of the youngsters along the route. I had a great time and our church got some good advertising.
A lone piper....and a robin.Dr. Ruth and I getting psyched-up for the parade.The precision-acolytes bustin' a move.St. Patrick's precision acolyte drill-team marching through downtown Lexington.

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Anna Fleming said...

Whoah, y'all had way alot of fun. And I love the robin. Aren't bagpipes Scottish and not Irish? Or does St. Patrick's day count for all the British Isles?