Sunday, March 25, 2007

Church Retreat at The Close

This Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, I went on a retreat with my church, St. Patrick's Anglican, at the Close near London, Kentucky. "The Close" is the courtyard of a cathedral, which is what this retreat center is named for. I camped with a few other brave souls while most people stayed in cabins. I had a great time at the retreat and I realized how great the people are who go to my church. I also realized how much I will miss this church family when I leave. I will be blessed indeed to find another church like St. Patrick's. The night was interesting as a pack of coyotes moved through the area where my tent was set up. I said a little prayer as I could hear one of them breathing outside my tent. I thought about unzipping the tent and trying to snap a photo but in the end I wimped out. Here are some photos that I was brave enough to snap:

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