Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Giant Watermelon

Growing up in Southwest Washington, my dad always had a great vegetable garden. There was always ample corn, sugar snap peas, tomatoes of various kinds, squash, sun flowers, carrots, asparagus, brussels sprouts and many other kinds of vegetables. But one thing my brothers and I always wanted to grow was a watermelon. We planted the seeds year after year which usually yielded a decent looking plant. Some years there would even be an attempt at the formation of an actual melon. But at best all we ever got was a small melon which would never ripen and usually cracked open and rotted.

I recently moved into a house with some classmates and one of them planted a small vegetable garden in the back yard. One of the things he planted was watermelon. So in the future when I'm trying to come up with one or two positive aspects of living in Southern California I can say that at least you could grow watermelon there. I'll still gladly take the watermelon-poor climate of western Washington over So-Cal any day.

The ESV Study Bible is for size comparison. This is the biggest Bible I've ever owned. The melon measures over 2 feet in length.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that watermelon is monstrous! I love the PNW, but <3 So-Cal as well. There is beauty to be found in every place, just different sorts and places to find it. Thanks for sharing your stories and memories Matt, enjoy the melon! =)

Anonymous said...


You are such an optimist!

Thank you for the laugh, enjoy!!


Matt Perkins said...

Hey A.J.,
Yes, I'll grudgingly admit that Southern California isn't all that bad - especially in January. Thanks for the comment!

Hey SP,
Glad you liked the post!

Anonymous said...

So just out of curiosity, why January? I'd think August with all the wicked-great surfing weather, etc =)