Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter in Battle Ground

Here are some pictures I took around the farm at Christmas break.

The farm with some interesting clouds in the background.

Ice on one of the ponds.

This horse kept following me around.

Frost on a salal leaf.

Chinese lanterns.


Ed said...

Rustic farmsteads are not liberal (unless infested with pot-smoking hippies). Nature is not liberal (it may like to eat liberals, though, from my experience). How can they then say that this state is liberal?

Very beautiful!

Alexander said...

I heard that you came to a service in Hockinson. I'm sorry I missed you I was in New Hampshire. Hope you got to meet some people from the church. I'm glad you meet with pastor Ron. He said you guys had a good talk. Hopefully I get to meet with you next time your in the area.

Gods peace,


Matt Perkins said...

Thanks Ed.

Hey Alexander, I was looking for you when I visited. I really enjoyed the visit - good sermon, and a very good talk with pastor Ron. I went and met with him at his office during the week and we had a great conversation and he answered some questions for me about Lutheran theology. If I'm back in Battle Ground for any extended period in the future I plan on visiting the Hockinson church again.

God's Peace.

Jacob M. Aho said...

Talked with Ron Yesterday
for a few moments. He would
like to get your e mail
address in order to
communicate with him. He
was impressed with your
humility and professionalism.
Thanks for taking to the time
to go with me to BGBC and
Hockinson. I was impressed
that you took the time out
of your schedule to visit
with Ron.

Jane said...

Very nice pictures! It must be a pleasant memory when you are gone, to keep warm ties to home.