Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Four Feathers

Last night I watched the 2002 movie, "The Four Feathers," with one of my housemates. It's one of his favorites but I had never heard of it. The film is set in 19th century England and also in the Sudan where the British are fighting against a rebellion led by "the Mahdi," a messianic figure for the Sudanese Muslims. It's about a British officer who leaves the army and then, out of shame for being perceived as a coward, goes to the Sudan on his own where he rescues some of his comrades. There's also a love story involved but I didn't care too much about that.
I thought it was an excellent film and it has definitely become one of my favorites. I think it's such an interesting time period and I love anything having to do with British history. I also liked seeing how the lives of officers in the British army were portrayed and also the fighting techniques used in the Sudan. As with most "historical" movies I assume there were probably a lot of inaccuracies but it was still very enjoyable to watch.

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