Thursday, February 26, 2009

President Tennent and the ESV

I was procrastinating the other day, reading blogs, when I came across a blog post on Asbury Seminary's new president, Dr. Timothy Tennent. I was surprised to see that Dr. Tennent was a contributor to the ESV Study Bible, which I got a few months ago, and which I've thoroughly enjoyed using since. Dr. Tennent's contribution was to a section at the back of the Bible called "The Bible and Islam." As soon as I read that blog post I went and grabbed my ESV and read Dr. Tennent's essay. I was quite impressed. I especially liked two things in the essay which seem to hint at Dr. Tennent's classical Arminian theology. In one place Dr. Tennent says that Muslims reject the idea that Christ's death was a "substitute payment for sins." In this quote Dr. Tennent seems to imply that his own view of the atonement is something close to the traditional Arminian view of Penal Substitution. In another quote Dr. Tennent says that Islamic teaching rejects the idea that man is fallen or depraved. As before I think this implies that Dr. Tennent has a strong view of the depravity of man.

Good for Asbury.

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