Sunday, February 10, 2008

San Gorgonio Mountains - Momyer Creek

On Saturday, after a week of midterm exams, I felt the need to get away so I headed east to the snow-capped San Gorgonio Mountains and found a hiking trail, Momyer Creek, east of Forrest Falls, California. It was a beautiful day and the hike was very enjoyable. I had my best hiking companion with me, my Bible, and I was able to read and pray some Psalms in the solitude of the mountain. Here are some pictures I took with my new digital camera:
This shot shows some of the common flora, an Opuntia cactus and in the background the dry flowering head of an Agave.

I don't know what I'd do with out the time-delay option. It is always interesting trying to find something to balance my camera on in the wilderness though.

Looking back down at the valley of Mill Creek. The hike starts at the valley floor.

The high mountains belong to the wild goats;
the crags are a refuge for the coneys. - Psalm 104:18

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Anonymous said...

Dear Matt
I like what you are up to brother.
I am a fellow Anglican on pilgrimage with Jesus and my other brothers and sisters.
Enjoy the Pacific Northwest for me.
I lived in Portland for a year in 2004, and I miss it tremendously.
I really do.
I worked at Emanuel Hospital in downtwon Portland, and I was a hospital chaplain there.
Peace in Christ
Peter Milner