Saturday, August 18, 2007

Big Bear

Today I made my second foray into the mountains east of L.A. Today my drive and hike were much more interesting than last week when I went to Idyllwild. I drove up to Big Bear Lake, a resort town at 6700 ft. with some ski areas around it. I drove up to one of the ski resorts and wasn’t too impressed by what I saw but I still hope to go snowboarding up here some day. I went to the trusty local Starbucks and asked for directions to a good short hike. The directions I received did not disappoint. The trail was a short but steep ascent onto a rocky ridge southwest of town. Near the top of the ridge are some impressive rock outcroppings. The tops of these outcroppings afford some great views of the lake and the mountains. The area would be great for rock-climbing too.
Well, lectures start on Monday so I’m a little nervous about the real start of medical school. For the last two weeks I’ve been in the hospital every week-day on a team, which has been great, but now things get much more serious. I know that it will be hard work but I also trust God that He will provide what I need. I would appreciate the prayers, though, of any Christians who read this that I would trust God and have a smooth transition into school.



As a former resident of the "Inland Empire," I wish you well! Glad you discovered some good hiking up around Big Bear. It was always a pleasure to wind up those roads and get lungfulls of forest aroma instead of the smog down below.

Good luck at Loma Linda - stay Anglican and don't let those Adventists get you into Saturday Sabbath legalism and what not. Remember, they converted the Bounty mutineers on Pitcairn Island!

Matthew J. Perkins said...

Thanks NPA

Laura Perkins said...

You have some beautiful pictures. It looks like you'll have a great place to hike and climb. However, I ask you not to let me know ahead of time when you decide to go rock climbing!!! Mt. Hood was enough!!! Have fun exploring.

Your Mommy