Sunday, July 29, 2007

Last Night in Battle Ground

Well, it's my last night in my beloved hometown of Battle Ground, Washington until Christmas-time. This is the third time I've gone on the adventure of moving to a new place and a new school where I don't know anyone. The first time was to Spokane, Washington to Whitworth College in 1998. After that I went to Wilmore, Kentucky to Asbury Theological Seminary in 2005, and now I go to Loma Linda, California to begin medical school at the Loma Linda School of Medicine. I realized today, though, that this kind of move never becomes "normal." I leave this place which I already loved having grown close to a group of friends from my church, Wellspring Foursquare Church, which makes leaving all the more difficult. After church today I hung-out with some of these friends, Josh, Lacie, Loretta, Roman and Heidi. I also had Josh and Ross, who had been the preacher at Fan the Flame, both pray over me to send me off. I think these "sending off" prayers are important. When I left Asbury, I was blessed to receive this kind of prayer from my friend Blake Brodien and my priest, Father Peter Matthews. Having grown to love this place where I call home, I always feel bad for what seems to be the majority of people feel no connection to a "hometown." There is nothing all that special about Battle Ground. The scenery is beautiful and it has its own unique qualities but if I hadn't grown-up here I don't think I'd have any strong desire to spend much time in this town. In fact, it wasn't until I left for college that I had any special love for this place. But it is the place where I first met my Lord Jesus Christ and that alone should make this sacred ground for me. My family and some of my closest friends are here and, Lord willing, I will return to this place after my schooling and army commitment to raise a family.Almighty Father, in your love you made this land which I so love. You have blessed it with a special beauty which declares your glory. In your merciful providence you have put many in my path here who have pointed me to You and shown me your love. Lord bless Battle Ground and bring revival into this town so that every tongue here would confess that You are Lord. And bring me back to this place, O Lord, that I might once again recieve and give love and blessings to these brothers and sisters.

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