Sunday, August 21, 2011

Battle Ground: Summer

My family is a family of gardeners. My dad and youngest brother are cultivating a great vegetable garden and my mom has various garden projects around my parent's 5 acres in Battle Ground, Wash. On top of all this the wild plants on the uncultivated areas add to both the fruitfulness and the beauty of this land. Some pictures below:

A sugar-snap pea flower



Young corn-silk, with morning dew



Astrantia major

Salal berries - these grow wild in the hedgerows. A tasty wild treat that was a staple of the Native Americans who inhabited the area.

Wild rose hips - not quite ripe

First-fruits of the blackberries

Pumpkin blossoms and a daddy-long-leg


Jacob M. Aho said...

I do like the way you take pictures, they are so crisp and clean looking pictures.

Well I will be following you from afar. I am moving to MN.

I will continue to pray on your behalf that the Lord would open great doors opportunity for you.

I will continue to pray that the Lord will provide a help mate that will enhance your career and enhance the Kingdom of God.

Matt said...

Jacob, I'm sad to hear you're moving away. If you're going to be in BG for another week I would really like to meet with you one more time. I'll be home next weekend. I've appreciated your friendship and your comments.
God's Peace,

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Beautiful pictures--as always. Your parents must have a lovely home. I am so happy for you that you have a residency near your family to allow for visits.
Have a good week!


Matt said...

Thanks Scarlet! Hope you have a good week too.

Jacob M. Aho said...

I will be leaving early Tuesday Morning the 23rd.

I will be looking forward to your interesting post.

God Bless, a brother in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

M.J., Gorgeous pictures as always, thanks for sharing! I agree with SP, so happy you are stationed closer to home. Praying for a blessed week and that rest of the CCU rotation goes fabulous, may God’s guiding hand be upon you now and always.
Jacob, wishing you the best in your travels and a safe journey to MN.

Matt said...

Thanks Anonymous.

Josh Monen said...

Your garden is looking good bro. Did you take all those picture with your iphone? The quality is really good

Norah said...

Beautiful photos. We've been blackberry picking right behind our house this past week, would love to come across some wild rose hips.