Monday, March 7, 2011

Two (small) peaks in one day - Morton & Zanja

I wanted to find a nearby peak to summit so after looking at google terrain maps for about an hour I decided to do two in one day. Both of these peaks were smaller than what I'm used to climbing but they were within an hour of where I live and both looked somewhat interesting. The combination of the two peaks also provided a decent physical challenge. The first climb up 4624 ft. Morton Peak was a 6 mile round trip hike with an elevation gain of about 1300 ft, the second climb up 3543 ft. Zanja Peak was about 4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of about 900 ft. I headed to the base of Morton Peak in the San Gorgonio Mountains in the morning and within two hours had summited, explored around the fire look-out tower on top and hiked back down to my car. I drove about 20 minutes to Yucaipa Regional Park to the trailhead of my second hike. From there I climbed Zanja Peak which is the highest point in the Crafton Hills to the north of the town of Yucaipa where I go to church.

Approaching Morton Peak's summit the fire look-out on top comes into view.

An eagle soars above Mill Creek Valley

At the summit of Morton Peak, the fire look-out. Unfortunately the platform was firmly locked up so I couldn't get up there.

Summit of Morton Peak

Climbing up Zanja Peak I came across this cross on a lower hill. Mt. San Bernardino in the background.

Looking down on Yucaipa from Zanja Peak summit. I go to church down there.

And the summit markers. . .


Anonymous said...

Happy Monday, Matt!

Gorgeous pictures, as always. The eagle is fantastic.
I'm glad you had some time away. In nursing school the last semester was the easiest--least stressful. Are you finding med school to be similar?

Have a great week.


Matt Perkins said...

Hey Scarlet,

The second half of 4th year has definitely been the least stressful and least demanding part of med school. But there is a fast-approaching storm on the horizon called "internship."

Hope you also have a wonderful week.


TLF+ said...

Does Inland Anglican have a Yucaipa presence? I was Vicar at St. Alban's (TEC) back in the early 90s.

Matt Perkins said...

Hey TLF+,
We're actually in Yucaipa now, meeting at the high school, and we're now called Christ's Church. Here's our website:

Josh said...

Cool photos bro. Looks like fun!

Matt Perkins said...

Glad you liked the photos, Josh. We'll have to do some hiking when I'm back in the PNW for the next three years.