Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I think God is calling me to give up blogging for a while. I think I need to spend some time just listening to Him in His Word, in prayer and in worship.

This is not an easy thing to give up. I admit that I like having readers and getting comments, whether they agree or disagree with whatever I've posted. Taking a break from posting stuff on here is probably the fastest way to lose the few readers who regularly visit. But ultimately this blog does not exist for me or the people who read it. This blog exists only for Christ and to bring glory to God.

So, Lord willing, I think I'll be back in a month.


Anonymous said...

Matt, Take the time you need but also know your faithful blog followers will keep your site as a "favorite" and patiently await your return.

God Bless,
PA :-)

Josh Monen said...

Hey Matt, I'm going to miss reading your writing during this time but I'm also excited to hear that you will be drawing closer to the Lord. I pray that you will be refreshed and renewed by the Holy Spirit during this time!

The Underground Pewster said...

You hit the nail on the head. Do not lose focus on what it is all about.

Erik said...

I completely respect your decision Matt. I've been there before and it makes a huge difference in your relationship with God with more time devoted to Him and His Word.

Blessings to you as you spend more time with our Lord.

~ Erik