Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Books! #3

4th year of medical school is somewhat more laid-back than the first three years so I'm planning on getting some good reading in before the start of internship in June. I'm excited to get started on the two most recent titles I picked up:

I'm already about halfway through J.I. Packer's and O.R. Johnston's magisterial introduction to Luther's The Bondage of the Will. This book would have been worth purchasing for the introduction alone. In this introduction I recognize the same passion for truth that I saw in J.I. Packer's In My Place Condemned He Stood. Especially interesting has been reading about the great intellectual humanist Erasmus and his complicated relationship to Luther. One of the most powerful lines I've read in the introduction was penned by Erasmus when Luther went missing after his appearance at the Diet of Worms before Emperor Charles V. Erasmus wrote in a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Warham, concerning Luther, "It's all up with that spark of gospel love, that tiny star of gospel light." Packer and Johnston, who I believe to be worthy interpreters, understand Erasmus to be showing genuine regret about what seemed to him to be imminent - the burning of Luther.

I also bought a copy of Pascal's Pensées, a classic I've long wanted to check out. Pensées should give me a good diversion from all the Reformed stuff I've been reading lately.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Luther looks like a great read, but seriously--how do you have time for pleasure reading during school?? That is so unfair!;)

You mentioned your upcoming residency. How is this going to be determined for you? Are you bidding for a position like other students or will the army assign you?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Matt Perkins said...

Hey SP,
The process in the military is very similar to the civilian process. We do the same kind of application and interview with the programs we're interested in. We also rank the programs in order of where we'd like to go. Just like in the civilian world you might not get your first choice but I've heard that 80% of applicants get their first or second choice. I'm really hoping to end up in Washington and I'll find out December 15th.
Hope you also have a great weekend.