Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, it's over. I took the test, probably the biggest of my life so far. I was thankful that my parents agreed to drive me down to the testing center in Portland, giving me some last minute studying time. I even got one question right as a result of that time on the drive down. The test itself didn't seem too bad, other than the length - 336 questions, most of which were vignettes of patients with one mystery disease or another. I used a program called USMLE World which has thousands of practice questions with good explanations for the correct answers. Out of any step 1 prep I did, the USMLE World questions were the best. I tried to make a habit of listening to sermons after studying all day most days for the last few weeks. I've become a big fan of Paul Washer lately and some of the best sermons I listened to last week were of Washer preaching on the Song of Songs. I'm headed up to Vancouver Island in Canada tomorrow morning for a backpacking trip on Nootka Island. Expect some pictures next weekend.

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Ed said...

Well done, Matt! Think you passed?