Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Biography I've Ever Read

I finished the Jonathan Edwards biography I was reading over Christmas break and it's one the best biographies I've ever read. I would highly recommend it to anyone at all interested in church history. At times it was like reading a devotional although it is not all encouraging stuff as the Great Awakening brought not only conviction of sin and conversions to New England but also a lot of controversy. This biography also turned me into a fan of Jonathan Edwards and has challenged the Arminianism that I've held so dear for a good number of years now. Inspired by the biography, I purchased a copy of Edwards' The Life of David Brainerd and also his The Freedom of the Will. I'm reading The Freedom of the Will with a Calvinist friend here at the medical school. When I say that my Arminianism has been challenged, I say it with much trepidation. Being convinced otherwise on a point like predestination is something that I take very seriously and not something that I ever thought I would change my mind on. But I realize that if anyone will change my mind, it will be Jonathan Edwards. I would like to end this post with a good Edwards quote but I loaned out my copy to a fellow parishioner at Christ's Church. Updates will follow.

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