Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Palm Springs

On Martin Luther King Jr. day I decided to get out of town to study. I ended up in Palm Springs with four of my classmates. We spent the morning at a coffee shop and the rest of the day at an Italian restaurant. I got some good hours of studying in . . . I can now tell you about all of the many layers of your retina and cornea, among other things. As we were preparing to leave I noticed a beautiful shot of the moon, some clouds and two palm trees. Thankfully, I had my new digital camera my parents gave me for Christmas. I figured this picture was as good of a reason as any to start blogging again. I don't promise I'll be writing anything worth your time but expect a post now and again if you do choose to stop back by.


Ed said...

Hiya Matt. I still stop by from time to time. I would be a hypocrite if I said inactivity bothered me.

Oh yeah, so I should probably tell you that I'm thinking of following a very "Matt Perkins" path over the next few years. I've heard that the reserves have a position called a "chaplain's aid" that I think I'd be perfect for. I've also heard that they will reimburse tuition (that has already been paid) up to $65,000. Sounds good to me (and also like an excuse to get my lazy butt in shape)!

I'll try to keep in touch to tell you how things are going. I'd give you my new cell #, but I think I'd rather do that in some more secure forum.

Matthew J. Perkins said...

Hey Ed, I tried calling you a few times over the break. It's good to see that you're still alive. I plan on visiting Asbury for a few days over my spring break. Maybe you could come down from Pennsylvania or something. Well, find a way to get me your new number. Does Blake have it?