Wednesday, January 24, 2007

(Theological) Liberalism = The Enemy

"Liberalism at its heart is what Wesley would call 'a blow to the root.' It strikes at the core of the faith by selling out totally to anthopocentric theology. Truth is not truth, but only the perspective of the speaker, nothing more. Even the Bible is not truth, in the sense of a unique, infallible deposit of divine revelation. The Bible for liberalism is just a human document, no more. When I see what liberalism has done to the Methodist movement, I have to say that as an ideology, liberalism is the enemy. I personally believe it to be the most effective heresy Satan ever fomented on the church. It doesn't matter what we believe, even if we believe orthodox ideas, if in fact there is not unchanging, transcultural, absolute, revealed truth of God. While I have no personal animosity toward 'liberals,' I believe that they actively or passively participate in the ruination of the church by diluting the message that we have been commissioned to proclaim."
-Dr. Lawson Stone
Professor of Old Testament
Asbury Theological Seminary

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Surprise Snow Storm!

On Tuesday I woke up to a surprise snow storm. The meteorologists had predicted a dusting but we got about six inches. We don't get too much snow here on the west side of Washington so it's always a treat.

The pictures are: my dad with the dogs, a fort my younger brother and I built...I mean you have to build a snow fort when you get the chance..., and the last picture is of some of our horse pastures. I had a great time with my surprise day off work with my brothers and a friend of ours. We did a lot of walking around the neighborhood and invented a tackle-snow-basketball game.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Of Physician-Assisted Suicide and Snowboarding

Last weekend was for me an eventful one. I had my interview with the University of Washington School of Medicine on Friday and went snowboarding for the first time on Saturday. My dad and I drove up to Seattle on Friday for the interview. I had slept very little the night before thanks to anxiety about the interview so I was very thankful for my dad's willingness to make the three and a half hour drive. The interview itself seemed short to me and I don't have a strong sense of how it went. I was interviewed by a panel of three, two professors and a current student. They asked me how I thought my seminary experience might help as a doctor and about why I felt drawn to medicine. One of the more difficult questions was, "If you like helping people then why don't you just become a social worker?" I struggled to answer this well but in the end I focused on my love for biology and chemistry which I thought suited me more for medicine. The most difficult question though was dealing with physician-assisted suicide. The question was posed to me like this: "You are a doctor and you have a patient with terminal cancer. She is in a lot of pain and has at the most a month or two to live. She has decided that it would be better to just end it now. She asks you how many of her pain pills she would have to take to kill herself. What do you do?" It wasn't fun dealing with that. In the end I said that ethically I couldn't help someone end their life. It made me feel a little better when my interviewer said that most doctors would probably answer the same way I had. After a brief discussion on socialized healthcare and a time for me to ask them questions the interview was over. I hope it went well as UW is my first choice among the schools I applied to.

On Saturday I went snowboarding for the first time. I've done quite a bit of skiing but had held off on snowboarding until now. I had met a guy who was in the church youth group I led for two and a half years at my parent's very re-appraising UMC at the Christmas Eve service I attended. I've desired to keep in touch with the youth I discipled as most of them are not in situations where they are hearing the gospel. I asked this youth if he'd be interested in going up to the mountain and he was very excited at the prospect so I had been praying since then that God would let it happen. So we ended up going on Saturday with a couple of other friends who go to the same pentecostal church I've been going to while I've been home over the break. I picked snowboarding up pretty quickly. We had some good conversations about God and I believe the youth was ministered to. Overall.....a great weekend.