Thursday, January 18, 2007

Surprise Snow Storm!

On Tuesday I woke up to a surprise snow storm. The meteorologists had predicted a dusting but we got about six inches. We don't get too much snow here on the west side of Washington so it's always a treat.

The pictures are: my dad with the dogs, a fort my younger brother and I built...I mean you have to build a snow fort when you get the chance..., and the last picture is of some of our horse pastures. I had a great time with my surprise day off work with my brothers and a friend of ours. We did a lot of walking around the neighborhood and invented a tackle-snow-basketball game.

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Anna Fleming said...

You're right about Dr. Stone, good quote. Some of the blog was a bit anti-climactic since you just told me about the interview, but the stories corroborate. I'll have to show you how to link, write really good blogs, etc. ha. Your house looks amazing! I love snow, and dogs in the snow are alot of fun. Do you have horses?