Friday, September 21, 2007

A Week Unlike Any Other

This week my brain worked harder than any other week of my life. I never would have imagined that the human mind was capable of this much memorization in this short a period of time before doing this. I really can't imagine that there is anything else like it. It was my first week of medical school examinations. I had examinations in biochem, anatomy, physiology, histology, patient diagnosis and evidence based medicine. And thanks be to God, it went very very well. I didn't sleep very much, I consumed way too much caffeine, I didn't eat very well and I spent an average of eight hours a day studying while I wasn't taking exams. I began the week sleeping at night but by the end of the week my schedule of cat-naps had morphed into sleeping during the day after exams and then studying all night until the exam in the morning. For all of the suffering of this week, I can say that I now am very satisfied and have a strong sense of accomplishment. I actually like medical school. The Lord brought me here and He brought me through this. I give all credit to Him and I am thankful to all who prayed for me.

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Hughboz said...

Let me know when you can operate. I got a growth that I might need to have cut off. (Just Kidding). I am glad you are having a good time at medical school. I imagine it is a little tougher than seminary. Do you all have a building like "Grice Hall."