Wednesday, January 24, 2007

(Theological) Liberalism = The Enemy

"Liberalism at its heart is what Wesley would call 'a blow to the root.' It strikes at the core of the faith by selling out totally to anthopocentric theology. Truth is not truth, but only the perspective of the speaker, nothing more. Even the Bible is not truth, in the sense of a unique, infallible deposit of divine revelation. The Bible for liberalism is just a human document, no more. When I see what liberalism has done to the Methodist movement, I have to say that as an ideology, liberalism is the enemy. I personally believe it to be the most effective heresy Satan ever fomented on the church. It doesn't matter what we believe, even if we believe orthodox ideas, if in fact there is not unchanging, transcultural, absolute, revealed truth of God. While I have no personal animosity toward 'liberals,' I believe that they actively or passively participate in the ruination of the church by diluting the message that we have been commissioned to proclaim."
-Dr. Lawson Stone
Professor of Old Testament
Asbury Theological Seminary